About (Who am I?)


Hmm…so this is my main page introduction I guess? The part where I’m supposed to hook people in…well people I’m sorry to say that this blog just isn’t all that interesting (though I really shouldn’t say people because by people I mean me and my sister if she infiltrates my computer again). Just the musings of a recently turned 23 old lady woman girl odd blendish of all? Because I am mature yet immature and grown up but in many ways still a child. Simply trying to navigate myself through this world as a painfully shy individual who never talks about herself except to those who are immediate family or bestfriends though not even always in those situations. And as such decided to make a blog that would publically expose details of myself that are not all that interesting or hardhitting revelations to anyone nor even all that standout (or at least I hope so otherwise I am decidedly more strange than  I imagined). In which I talk about music, literature, and life.

Since, this female mortal (though I would not be adverse to discovering I am from  Krypton or Vegetasai [shout out to anyone who got those references!]) because having superhuman powers would be amazing and make this blog infinitely more interesting and life more invigorating!) is trying to overcome her fear of presenting herself and has chosen to do so in a public yet not all that public sort of a way. So I’ll sit back, write, and stay calm and blog on!

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