Spring is in the air!


Spring is in the air and the sun is shining! Seeing grass for the first time in four months! It was like seeing a very welcomed old friend. Leaving the house without needing your own  personal furnace is nice as nice change as well. With a winter as hard as it has been this is a great new change of pace!

This morning I nearly woke up groaned and went right back to bed. The past two weeks have been very difficult in terms of stress, work, school, and relationships. A day off would be a welcome change. But when I woke up this morning I was reinvigorated! As long as the sun is out (and it is not negative 38 degrees celsius) I feel like I can tackle anything.

It also helps that my employers have been selling spring/summer apparel since mid-January (and I love to shop so I’ll leave that to the imagination). It is nice that I can finally start rocking some of my awesome finds!

So I put on my cutest skirt, grabbed my sweet new fashion lace up boots, and I’m oing take a walk! Salute to all you sunshine warriors! Live well, enjoy the weather, and be fabulous!

Peace out me!

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