Here’s to coffee, chocolates, and sleepless nights

Good morning/night,

Ever had one of those day(s), week(s), month(s) that seem to be a never ending vortex of stress? I know that I have! For me the past three weeks have been like a bad movie that just won’t end (no matter how painful it becomes). For some the stress is  due to relationships with friends, family, or peers. For others it is caused by your work just that never seems to let up or slow down. And for some of us it is a montain of school work that you just can’t climb no matter how hard you try.

This situation unfortunately has been ongoing for three weeks. In which for several nights I have now gone without sleep. Worked the whole day come back home, work some more sleep, for an hour and get back to work for the rest of the night. I know what your thinking. Why on earth would you procrastinate to the extent where this becomes necessity ? Moral of the story was these sleepless nights have not been a result of my own doing but several unexpected events working against my favour. Leading to my own personal suffering.

I am aware of the down sides of chronic lack of sleep. In fact I was just tested on sleep and lack of it (one of my sleepless nights a week ago to be exact). I’ve fallen asleep in classes drank four to six cups of coffee daily to get through it. My appetite has taken a nose dive due to my excessive coffee intake. I’ve gone through periods of the ever entertaining fatigue induced hallucination ( very different than psychosis related hallucinations and independent of them). I find how I experience these hallucinations is your body is awake but your mind is sleeping. Feeling similar to that groggy state you sometimes experience after suddenly waking from a dream and you aren’t fully awake or feel that you are out of the dream yet. Except rather than a few seconds of disorientation it is hours.

On the bright side there is literally no reason after today why I should stay up for another night. All that will get me through tonight is knowing this. I will just have to work on and keep my fingers and toes crossed and hope that I get out with minimal bruising!

So bring on the coffee and chocolates cause this is going to be another sleepless night.

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