I am a Shopper!


I work at a fashion retail store and I love it. It is the greatest I love fashion! When the stresses of everyday life catch up to me going in feeling the clothes and new arrivals relaxes me. I guess that being said you can understand what kind of girl I am: a shopper. I don’t think I am a shopaholic though.

But I know that when I have that moment of “the find” it feels awesome. I don’t shop to the extent of hurting other people. But I do shop frequently. It’s part of the job to look the part and be on top of the new trends. I also do it personally every year there is always a trend that I really want to try. The fashion world is rapidly expanding and I want to be a part of it! And when you work at a fashion store with new items and trends coming in you always have an eye open for what you can add to your closet.

I love that feeling of buying something that is meaningful to me. I love that feeling of  wearing something that is reflective of my personality and makes me feel beautiful. I love that my fashion is evolving as I grow older and how in developing fashionably I’ve gone through many phases. I’ve gone from punk to prep to romantic styles and during each phase felt beautiful.

I love that feeling of dressing in clothes that I love. I’m pretty self-assured about what I wear and how I accessorize. Sometimes my bestie (who isn’t into girly trends like) may not like what I am wearing and verbalize it. I never get offended though because I am self assured enough to always have confidence that she may not like what I am wearing but I do and that is all that matters.

I love that whatever your style is that stores are now becoming more versatile to different fashion senses and styles. And if all else fails you can always find an array of online shops that are tailored to your exact fashionista needs.

I guess I do shop more than I should…but the feeling of doing good by yourself for yourself is alright once in awhile.


Happy with my closet, newly 22 year old me!

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