They said “Ugh”

ugh2Was with coworkers at work and saw the new bosses and said “ugh” like they were ugly or something was wrong with them. I was a little shocked. Everyone is always so nice at work. We all get along really well. It was surprising for them to think that way. And I couldn’t help but wonder were they going “ugh” because physically they did not feel like the new bosses are pretty enough to represent our company? Or did they feel that way because our old bosses are gone? I don’t feel comfortable being involved in the slam talk or the ugly talk it is not nice. And I don’t believe in “ugly”  so hopefully everyone can see the good in each other and get along.

I was even a little scared. I know I’m proud of my fashion sense but could they have thought of me that way too when I started working there, that I was “ugh” too? I think I’m a beautiful person but sometimes things like that make me a little scared of how my coworkers and others view me…But maybe that’s the insecurities trying to wriggle their way back into my brain?

I also don’t believe that how you look has anything to do with your quality of work. Even at a fashion store. You can look like a million bucks at be the worst worker out there. I just hope that we can see merits in each other again at get along.

Hoping that we can get along, newly 22 year old me


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