More Nervous to Watch The DVD

So I had my first (and only) performance this year on DVD. I am just as nervous  to watch the DVD as when I had the actual performance. It was a few months ago so I remember blanking out while I was singing and just doing it. After weeks and weeks of practicing I couldn’t even remember if I put the notes I wanted into it. I’m afraid I’ll watch it and hate it…I decided I’d wait till I got more practice with a vocal instructor before performing again so I’d feel more confidence. I love singing. I think I’m decent. But watching this is going to be a big step for me….holy goodness I’m freaked out. I feel like I’m going to have palpations. But I think It’d be worse if I watched it with other people. I just hope my family and friends weren’t to biased when they said I was good.

Fingers crossed that I can bear to watch myself, newly 22 year old me

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