New Vocal Coach


So tomorrow I’m going to have my very first session with my new vocal coach! I am nervous and excited at the same time! This is a long awaited change and necessary if I am going to improve my singing voice. She’s an opera singer which  makes me really excited. For the past three years I’ve been looking for a private opera vocal coach to no avail. After finally deciding to  go through an  organization I was able to secure a teacher and lessons.

It’s been five years since my other vocal teacher moved away to further up North ( I mean not just snowy wonderland north like you can only travel with snow mobiles North). She was an amazing teacher and gave me courage to start singing. I will always hold a place for her in my heart.

But I need a new teacher. I’ve waited this long. And after doing my first performance this year I felt it necessary. I’m exploring a completely new part of my voice and  I think I need the help in seasoning it. I’d like to perform more and  share my songs with others. I’d also like to improve my classical singing voice and polish contemporary vocals.

Nervous with butterflies, Newly 22 year old me

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