The Weeds!

I left the house and there were none. I came home and they were everywhere…I know our neighbors are less than impressed. This meant landscaping companies praying on us like vultures. Don’t get me wrong we all need to make a living…but I know that my yard is ugly. I don’t need three companies ringing my doorbell than knocking for five minutes (which is a little aggressive if you ask me) in a day to tell me that. I might pay for lawn services if 85% of my neighborhood actually cared. There are three houses with nice lawns and that is because the home owners wake up at 5am to take care of the lawn and return  to it several times a day (one of those houses doesn’t even have grass). Apart from that we all have weed riddled lawns I think collectively as neighborhood have just given up. Or have just accepted that if all of us don’t do anything that our lawns will be more weeds than grass and live with it. Can’t we just say weeds are beautiful or something and  get over this?!

So I apologize lawn services. You can knock on my door. You can tell me that my neighbors think my lawn is unsightly. You can even tell me that some neighbors hate my lawn. Chances are those are the only three houses on the street that care. The rest of the houses are just as bad or worst than my lawn. I will not be needing your services today. Why you ask? Because I feel like weeding now to prove my point. Notice how no one else is.

Feeling a little hostile towards weeds, newly 22 year old me

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