Old Navy $5 leggings…not in Canada…Opps…chronicles of how I mislead someone today

Today my best friend who hates shopping texted me that old navy had leggings for 5 dollars. She then texted that she didn’t feel like  going because  she was tired and wanted to nap…Like the avid shopper I was I said “WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT IF YOU DON’T HAVE LEGGINGS RUN WOMAN RUN RUN RUN RUN!!! 5 DOLLARS!!!! 5 DOLLARS!!!! IF I DIDN’T HAVE WORK TODAY I’D RUN THERE!!! YOU WANT TO NAP SHADDAP GO GO GO NAP LATER SHOP NOW!” my text was actually that crazy…Well I was working and self phones are not permitted. Funny enough she texted me and called me several times. The first text said “Oh okay your right I need tights I’ll go”. The next said “I’m driving getting more excited”. Then “Woot nearly there”! This is when things started going south. “…I wasted my time”. “It’s only in the states”. “Curse you”. I should note that the Old Navy is actually a 30 minute drive from her house. She’d called me three times before she gave up. I tried calling her back when I saw the calls and messages after my shift…Considering she hates shopping I may have made her feel worse.

Owe my best friend some leggings and a nap, 22 year old me

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