Your Personal Style

Everyone has a different personal style preference, that’s kind of a given. But here it is. Working a fashion store there are times when I see something and think “this was made for me!”. There others I think “well not my style but it’ll look good on someone…”. Finally there are times when you think “gross gross gross no one will ever wear that!”. The funny thing is though I’ve learned that the “gross gross gross” can actually look good! It’s true! There are some people who absolutely rock it! No, I’m serious there is someone who will know exactly how to coordinate it and feel so good in it that it really does look good and that leads to the “Wow I was wrong it does look good it…it just needed the right person.”

I think because of that I’ve come to see people’s fashion choices in a different way. I think that every girl has her own style that she loves and can rock! I was once punk but now I am a romantic/vintage/classic kind of girl. I wouldn’t just restrict my style to these  categories there are other styles of clothing that I also appreciate and like. If you catch me out on the street I will probably be seen  a dress, skirt, or more recently rompers. I like trim, lace, and mismatch. I love to accessorize with glamour headbands (especially flowers!), necklaces, and hats (like bowler, panama, sun hats, and fedoras). I’m a lover of coral, black, and white (even though it somehow magically becomes stained

This is just my style though. My style choices aren’t reflective of other girls by any means. There are people who have different styles that I can really appreciate.  I like grunge, punk, tomboy, chic, classic, gothic, preppy, bohemian, arty, western, and more.  As long as you feel beautiful in your choices nothing else should matter. You are beautiful loving your style and wearing what you like!

Love your style and be beautiful! 22 year old me!


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