I am a Woman…

I  am woman. I’ve grown from being a child. With that so has my body and mind. Perhaps my body doesn’t appeal to you. Perhaps my mind does not. And that is okay. We all have different things we look for physically and mentally in a partner. I may not appeal to you in one or both of those fronts. In fact I applaud you if you don’t. I’d hate for you to have to pretend I mean more to you than I do in reality.

I am a woman. From time to time I will enter into a storm emotions and you will just have to live with that. During those times I’d appreciate it if you’d still treat me like a lady instead of a crazy person. Because if you treat me like a lady and what I say matters I will come back to my regular and happier self much quicker.

I am a woman. I am independent and strong. If you are looking for someone completely dependent than I am sorry to inform you but that is just not me. We are partners working towards a common goal. We work as equals you and I. Working co-dependently through the journey of life.

I am a woman I have hips and a bass. If you aren’t all about that bass that’s fine but mine is impossibly permanent and will probably never be flat. So you will just have to learn to live with it.

I am a woman. I am educated and driven. I don’t need you to lecture me about what your definition of success is. I define my own success though I would appreciate to have your support behind me.

Perhaps that isn’t what you are looking for. But I am a woman this what and who I am. It’s not that I need you. But I would like to have you with me.

Proud of Being a Woman, 22 year old me

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