Fashion Rant-Is it to much to ask that you sell what you adveritse?

Here it is you are browsing your favorite fashion site. And there it is the one part of your closet that is missing. You look around the site. Nothing. You even go to variations of the site in different languages you don’t understand in desperate need to find it. You contact the website administrators with no response. You didn’t NEED this before but now you know it exists! And it’s different, unlike anything you’ve seen this season! It’s clean cut, it’s chic, you can already imagine yourself rocking it to lunch later this week! But it’s nowhere it’s like it doesn’t exist. You know it does because they’ve advertised it. This article needs to exist somewhere right? You look on the site scoping it for 2 weeks. Still nothing. The advertisements change. The collections shift. And your dream article is nowhere to be found. Curses!red-angry-face-smiley-emoticon

Wishing they’d sold what they’d advertised, 22 year old me

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