Summer Swimsuits!

Bought three new summer swimsuits (ALL two pieces!) I know what your thinking…”Girl are you crazy?!”. Well today Old Navy had 50% of swimsuits and I went for it…the thing is I haven’t worn a proper swimsuit since I was twelve. I haven’t worn a bikini since I was eight. That’s a long absence. But here’s the thing a) my body isn’t terrible b) I’m working towards loosing the last metaphorical “10 pounds”. For so long I’d run from the swimsuit section and I am finally at a point with my body where I feel I can wear a bikini and feel good and  not want to crawl into a shell. I figure now is the time to buy a swimsuit and be proud wearing one at the beach. I’ll probably workout a summer bikini plan to feel even better in the swimsuits I bought.

More motivated to work out for the summer beach season, 22 year old me

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