Things Aren’t Always Within our Control

I find that in life you can plan the routes you take and control your actions. But sometimes you just can’t control the outcomes. Sure it will make you disappointed you may even cry. It may have been a very expensive mistake and cost you a lot. If you’re like me you may catastrophize a little bit and immediately think that everything is going wrong even if that’s not the case.

The fact of the matter is that in these times resilience is important. Sure you messed up. Sure this may have been expensive. Sure you put a lot of effort that felt like it was wasted. But I don’t believe in staying down forever. If this year has taught me anything it’s that these things don’t make you a failure. They won’t make others think of you that way either but if they do well…that’s their problem not yours.

So sure I had a hard run. I still am and still going through it. But when it’s over I know that I have learned NEVER to put myself in this situation again. That I know my limits and what I can take. I know that if I ever had to do this again I would take a lighter load so I wouldn’t feel stretched so thin. I will just do my best with my head held high until it’s over.

Over it, 22 year old me

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