Fall From Grace

It was like we were on top of the world. I’d finally come to realize how much I cared for you and you took that moment to spit in my eye. I cared for you, worried for you, would do anything to make you smile. I’d done so much for you in the last year doing it happily because I wanted to make your life less stressful. I was healing and I wanted you to heal too because you’d been in the same place for so long. So I ignored what should have been red flags, ignored what were warning signs, I continued to trudge along. Till one fateful day I realized that this was a shame that you never really cared at all.  It hurt me when you left me, hurt me when you ignored me, hurt me when you met me with your new façade. For you had changed from the person who I’d cared for all along and I had to ask myself “did I do wrong?”. Was I wrong to think you cared? Was I wrong to have faith in you, to trust you, to wish better for you? I probably was and now I sit let down, a little upset, my healing disturbed, and a little less trusting in others.

A little upset, 22 year old me

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