My best working experience

Sometimes at work people aren’t always appreciative of my efforts. So occasionally you get a customer who makes you smile and remember the event for a long period of time.

A woman walked into my store. And very reluctantly approached me. “I’m looking for jeans” she said meekly. “Sure”, I said “is there are particular style of jean you are looking for?” . “No just pants”. Me being me took her to every part of the female portion of the store with pants. When she felt discouraged on some of the sizes and pant styles. I encouraged her to try them on and explained the stores sizing.

When she tried things on and was about to leave the store she thanked me. Saying that she had a hard time finding new clothes after loosing weight. She knew she was smaller but nothing seemed to fit right. By me helping her she was able to find more pants then she had ever bought before and she was feeling really good about it. This made my heart melt.

The experience made me really happy because I’d just lost weight and I knew what going through that awkward phase of finding out what clothes fit and what I could pull off. Sometimes it was just hard accepting that I wasn’t in my old body anymore and clothes that contoured my features scared me. I was glad the woman found pants that she liked and I’m glad that I may have made her feel a little less insecure that day.

Those are the moments that make my job better 🙂

Feeling good even reminiscing, 22 year old me


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