Failed Escape

I thought I saw you. My head whipped left, then right, the left again. We were both in front of the performance hall and I had no route of escape. I had to think quickly if I wasn’t careful you’d notice me. Hopefully, if you did see me you wouldn’t say hi but I wasn’t hopeful…I know what you’re like you’d think you were doing me a favour for even acknowledging my lowly existence.

But I needed escape anything would help. At the same time I berated myself mentally over and over and over for picking this theater entrance, cursing myself for missing the earlier bus and having not written my exam faster. But truly what were the odds? I was alone and you were in proximity. But then I saw it that sacred far end door! I was closer to it than you and  by some architects genius the ramps walls would keep me from view I just needed to be stealthy. So I took quick strides in my converse sneakers, so close I was so incredibly close. My strides grew longer and for someone of my height it was more like leaping. I made it to the front of the door and then thump.

Somehow with my amazing coordination I ended up face planting into the ground in front of the door. It was like the world stopped and everyone in the hall stared. It was a brief pause before returning to their own student lives. But I felt the sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach I’d fallen, people had stared, and you probably saw me. I rose to my feet reluctantly wondering if I should just stay down. But the doors lead to bus stops and someone was bound to slam me while opening the doors.

I gave a quick glance, the glance I knew would seal my fate. I looked into hazel eyes boring into me and I realized that it wasn’t you…I guess I should have taken a better look.

Should be more observant of my surroundings, 22 year old me

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