My Very Extremely Challenging and Obstacle Filled Day With Weirdness ,Clumsiness, Awkwardness, and More!

Today has been one of those days. One of those days when everything and anything random and stupid happens to make even the simplest things we take for granted seem like an epic battle that you are just loosing terribly to. Let me start of by saying that this day did NOT start of terribly. I had submitted a paper (I am sure to fail) but I was high on adrenaline so I ended up sleeping only two hours. But this did not a terrible day make because I still had the energy to do things…


No my day did NOT start of terribly in didn’t start until noon. When I realized I had work in an hour and half and I had picked out nothing to wear for the day. I had a giant pile of laundry and no clue how to get through what I could coordinate that would be work appropriate. After twenty-minutes off running around like a chicken with its head cut-off I picked an eggshell flower embroidered and my leather sweatpants (yes leather sweatpants they are that cool). Scrambling to find a unique outfit isn’t weird or challenging for me though THIS is where my luck oasis turned into a luck desert. My bad luck turned into an assassin and I was its target. While looking at my tied back hair I couldn’t help but think that I needed some kind of hair accessory to a) heighten the outfit b) to keep my braids out of my face so I could see. I chose a golden leaved crown and thought that it didn’t look right. When attempting to pull it off one of the golden leaves fused itself with my braids. I pulled, tugged, shuffled, tugged, and pulled some more and nothing. If anything it got worst. By this point it was 1:10 and my shift started at 1:30. I needed to think of something and I needed to do it quickly. As I saw it there were only two options get my hair loose and make it to work or struggle to free myself for hours. The answer became clear to me very quickly after 10 more minutes of tugging to no avail. I grabbed scissors and said “Hasta la Vista Baby” and cut the leaf out in effort I cut one braid and mangled two to the point of them falling out shortly I am sure of it. By then it was 1:25. I grabbed my bike and thought I will ride like my life depends on it! Thing was the second I got out of my house a drop of rain became a torrential downpour. There was no feasible way for me to ride my bike through construction safely through mud, construction vehicles, and oncoming traffic when I couldn’t even see to the end of the driveway. I had no desire to become a bumblechula + bike pancake so I put my bike back in the garage.


It was then I made the decision to call a cab. When I called the cab service man on the other line seemed cheery and happy to help. Great, I thought if he is so enthusiastic a cab might get here faster. As I calculated a cab could reach my home in 5 minutes would get me to work in an additional 10 minutes getting me to work 15 minutes late. I then called work to inform them I was running late and I would be there in 15 minutes. Only to find that the cab driver showed up an additional 10 minutes after I had expected. I was a bit angry with the cab driver for arriving so late because I know several cab drivers within this area have made it to my house much sooner. I was also aggravated over the loss of my hair, being late, and just generally stressed which may have just put me in a mood to start with. I vowed as I locked my front door that I wasn’t going to over tip this guy. I got into the cab and well crap. He was cute. Like really cute and my age and he was flirting and into me and well I ended up tipping him as much as I always do so my luck wouldn’t even let me be mad when I wanted to.


When I got out of the cab I’d arrived at work 25 minutes late running to the back I saw my manager. “You won’t believe why I was late” I told her. And she listened as I explained my ordeal. “Not your braids!” she exclaimed. “You should have cut the headband”. I had to explain to her that the leaves were metal though and my flowery scissors did not have the manpower to cut them. When I turned around she also pointed out that I’d buttoned the back of my shirt wrong and she re-buttoned them for me. I’d forgotten that I hadn’t fixed that yet but I’d been so frazzled and stressed it escaped my mind. The rest of the day at work was relatively calm though and I was able to bare through it. Despite the fact that I managed to punch myself twice that day and seem to be allergic to something at work which made have the oh so lovely aroma of “eau de sneeze”.

Leaving work was when things started go more south. I went to the nearby Walmart to by some necessities only to have my cart stolen right as I was about to check out. I’d left my cart unattended for two minutes! Who would take body wash and toothbrushes! But that wasn’t the end of it. After relocating all my items I ended up at the cashier this time. Only to find my debit card GONE. It was terrible shuffling through my backpack not finding my debit card anywhere and stressful as well. I left my stuff there as I had no other form of payment. At the entrance of the store I continued shuffling through my bag to no avail. My debit card wasn’t anywhere. So I tried in one last ditch attempt to search at work. I’d used my debit card to pay the taxi driver it may have fallen down or something. But I did find it in my locker wedged by the vertical wall between my locker wall and locker door kissed on the far end. What where the odds of my debit card even being in that position? On my way back I saw my managers and coworkers still working they looked at me puzzled and I explained my stolen cart, my lack of ride, and my debit card being in my locker. They wished me luck looking at me like they didn’t expect to see me ever again with my luck.Mr_-Nalaty

So once again I went to the Walmart to buy some body wash and toothbrushes. Because who knew personal hygiene would be such a pain in my butt today? I walked straight to customer service and they’d sold me my items. Third times the charm eh? Thing is they don’t keep food items and I was to tired to care so without realizing it I had left the store without a giant crate of blueberries (which I WILL go back for because they are on sale and I love them), feta cheese because the grocery store doesn’t sell it in my neighborhood), and pasta shells.


 When I tried going home no one was picking up their phones and I rejected my best friend’s attempt to pick me up (our plans were cancelled and I didn’t want to bother her), so I walked in the mud rain, rain, and puddles in an egg shell light blouse that became decidedly more transparent as I walked home. My shoes soaked in the wetness like a sponge and within minutes my socks were soggy and disgusting. I could see as I walked past the construction people laughing or shaking their heads in pity as I walked for one hour in the cold hard rain. When I got home I looked at the time only to see that it was 8pm. I had finished work at 5:45. This means I literally spent of 2 hours just failing at life. On top of that I got into an argument as soon as I got home which I was frankly just in the mood to ignore.


On the bright side I 12-07-25-blueberry-muffin-tim-hortonswas only by 20 minutes at the discussion didn’t close, my library book is still waiting for me, I stopped by a Timmies on the way home and got me a blueberry muffin, I was able to come home shower put on facemask pamper myself and relax (the state I am in now), and everyone is alive and healthy. So no it wasn’t the worst day of my life. It was challenging and filled with obstacles but this was just a little crazier hectic, and just plain weirder than usual.

Survived this day! 22 year old me.

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