Geek Girl Moment!!!!-Digimon Adventure Tri

DIGIMON ADVENTURE TRI! For all fans of the original Digimon Adventure series (the best by far!) the direct sequel is going to be released in November 2015 as a direct sequel to the original! And if you can’t already tell I am very excited about this news! This is going to be released in Japanese so it will probably take a while for them to create subs for the first installment but that does not mean that does not mean that this is not still amazing news! Digimon was by far one of the best anime series’  of my childhood rivalling only with Dragon Ball-Z and Sailor Moon. Unfortunately, like all series’ of my childhood the concept was taken and stretched out in numerous seasons of the show that never compared to the first. Through my childhood I was able to follow several spin offs of the original Digimon Adventure series making it to Frontier. But even as a child I realized the magic of the first season was lost and was less compelled by the frequently changing character list. So this comes as a pleasant surprise that the original cast is being re-imagined for new generations of children to enjoy and to re-experience the magic! That isn’t to say that I won’t be streaming it from my computer as a grown woman with my best friend and her brother!

Excited to re-experience the awesomeness of Digimon, 22-year old me!

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