First Day

Here we go again! I am just stepping out to commence yet another wage of war against my classes. I am starting my first day of school today on 3 hours of sleep and 5 hours of tossing, thinking, and analyzing my life choices that have gotten me to this point. I am starting my fourth year! Fourth! I have nearly completed my undergraduate studies which is something I am equal parts excited, terrified, and anxious about (the combination of the three was what kept me up I believe). I am hoping that today was the only day I have no sleep because of anxiety but I know that it won’t be from past experience. I am only hoping that it isn’t like this EVERY night otherwise the world will be dealing with a very grumpy, put-out, and less-likeable me. On the other hand though I am excited to see how my day goes. From what I can tell of today’sย professor she is neat, clean, and organized to a “T”. So we’ll see how that goes and hopefully she is nice!

Hoping this year goes well, 22-year old me!

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