My best friend went in for brain surgery

Yesterday, while I was in school and working my best friend messaged me that the routine CT-Scan was resulting in a same day surgery. It was a brain surgery and not very invasive but the procedure scared her and I think she became overwhelmed (I mean I would be too if I just went in for a checkup and was told that I was getting surgery). I felt terrible because I couldn’t go see her because the nature of the class I am taking requires me to be there in order to pass (or complete several pages of documentation to give a valid reason to the Dean and other Faculty members that is convincing enough to not get me kicked out of my program). I didn’t think that her procedure would be serious enough for them to allow me leave. So I texted her and called her and tried to leave her messages to calm her down. I feel really bad she was alone the whole day. And by the time I was done my shift she was in surgery. Her family went to see her just before she went in which I think would have helped. I am hoping and praying that the procedure goes well. I think it’s a good thing in her circumstance because the neurological symptoms she has experiencing ( debilitating migraines every day for four years and recently visual disturbances) should stop. I really want her to be healthy again because we are best friends and I want her to be around for a while. I am visiting her today (probably have to ransack a gift shop or a card shop before going in) to see her condition and offer her support.

Hoping and Praying she’s going to recover well, 22-year-old me


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