My best friends skull and eye were rotting!!!!

Going through the pre-op surgery the resident doctors were shocked to determine that the cyst that appeared in both CT and MRI scans was not indeed a cyst but a terrible build up of mucous. The mucous was the product of a sinus infection gone undetected for over 10 years. That fluid build up created a pressure so massive that the shape of her skull was actually pushed out. The fluid then caused the occlusion of a nerve that disturbed not only her vision but altered the direction of the eye and eyelid. The mucous had at some point taken a deadly turn and become septic causing the deterioration and erosion of my best friends skull, eyelid, and eye. The surgery was successful and she is now being treated but the whole experience was terrifying for her. Many of the healthcare professionals had never encountered such an event and were interested and fascinated that such a thing could happen  to someone.

Now when I say my best friends skull is rotting I don’t mean to give you the impression that she is a negligent person in terms of her health. She has been seeing a family doctor for years who said that nothing was wrong with her and failed to send her to get any medical testing done. She has had to go to several walk-in-clinics in the past in order to get referrals to several professionals who couldn’t determine what was going on. It was only by going to the 5th walk-in-clinic that she has gone to within the past 6 months was she able to get an MRI and subsequent CT when a mass had been observed. This situation became upsetting because her family doctor (her primary health care provider) not only failed to help her but was negligent by not doing anything to follow-up with her, obtain tests for her, or get her help for what she was going through. For this reason she is permanently dealing with a disfigurement, and her eyesight and eye orientation will never be the same. Paying in order to fix these conditions could be incredibly timely and costly. This isn’t the first mishap and death that were caused by the negligence of this particular practitioner either. My best friend’s direct relative died as a result of this doctor ignoring her complaints for several years and then died from a preventable disease if only it had been detected. My best friend also could have died if she hadn’t gone to so many other doctors for help. This means she may need to report this incident to the health and safety council.

The whole situation infuriates me because she is now in a situation were recovery and the extent of the damage has yet to be determined. I am hoping for her sake that she gets better soon. And she returns to full health. I guess why I am sharing this situation is because it just reminds me that you are the master of your own health. My best friend knew something has been seriously wrong with herself for years. She has tried several times (almost every 2 months since I’ve known her) seeing this doctor and pleading for any kind of help only be told that her condition was nothing and she was just stressed. When she had to push that hard for help she finally found people willing to help and find specialists willing to help her. She had known better than that doctor that something was wrong. Our bodies need us to listen to them and sometimes we need to listen to them more than other people’s opinions of what they think is the problem.

I am hoping she recovers well and am praying for her, 22-year-old me

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