Kitten Sneezes

I don’t think I posted about this but recently I’ve adopted two (rather massive) kittens. In the past month I’ve grown to love these to little fur balls quite a bit 🙂 Sure we’ve had our conflicts (one of them is rather rough) but we have mostly worked out the kinks. But now there is one rather worrying concern…it seems that one of my little ones has a cold? asthma? an upper respiratory tract infection? To be honest I have no clue! The poor little guy has been sneezing for almost a week now which is scaring me because I’m not sure if he honestly is ill. When I call my vet they ask the questions: sneezing? check. Watery eyes (noticed it briefly in my other cat but he may have just been tired because I woke him up) so not really but lets say check. Runny nose: no. Toileting: yes. Eating: like a pro. Playing: he’s been put out with me because school starting but yes! So the verdict: a big question mark. To be honest I think it would help with my own personal assurance if I took them both in just to have them cleared and not WORRY so much.

I noticed compared to my other cat he’s looking smaller but to be honest he’s always been smaller than his brother and has less of a desire to eat dry food during the mornings or until he is really hungry. I think that I am going to try buying a different brand of dry food maybe one he’ll prefer but it’s going to take me some time before he can get used to it and I’m pretty sure the problem is because he generally prefers his wet food over the dry food. So I am not entirely confident that it will make a difference.

There are three major changes that happened over the course of last week and the week prior. 1) they had their second set of vaccinations with the vet 2) they were allowed to explore the floor of the house without supervision 3) a week and a half prior I changed their litter. I don’t know if any of these could have contributed to my little one sneezing?

Apart from the sneezing there doesn’t seem to be any other REAL symptoms or they may just be me over-reacting like me seeing a list of symptoms pointing at my cats and saying “They are sluggish I knew it!” and my mom looking at me like an idiot and saying “Didn’t you say they we’re sleeping they we’re probably just getting up”. Or me trying to play with them and them being uninterested and saying “I knew it they are sick because they aren’t playing!” and my mom looking at me again and saying “again you just woke them up…what we’re you expecting.”

I think the whole thing is that I love my kittens dearly and I would hate for something to happen for them. I know with animals you’ve got to be really vigilant and my guys are pretty stealth if anything really IS going on. For now I’ve been told by various cat owners, my vet, and my family/friends to continue to monitor their condition and stop freaking out that my cat is dying because he is sneezing. But not knowing how or what is causing this is killing me!

Worried new-cat momma, 22-year old me

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