I’m proud of myself for pushing my comfort zone!

Hi everyone! I know it has been awhile but I have some exciting updates (for me anyway). As in I have really pushed my comfort zone this month. I’ve been contacting new volunteering opportunities, being more sociable in situations, going to work gatherings, and trying to maintain old friendships. I know that to some people this is no big deal but to me this really is. I’ve always had a really hard time getting out there. And by getting out there and being really busy and interacting with so many people I have forced myself to socialize. And it isn’t something I hated. I actually have loved how out there I have been. I feel like I’ve woken up from a long social hibernation from not socializing at all.

Now I am not saying this all hasn’t been a little unprovoked. I definitely felt the need to do this. I mean I don’t socialize enough period. I don’t have many friends. That’s a fact. And many of the close relationships I have aren’t completely positive. (You may not know this because of things I blog about). But I tend to be the happy one, the realistic, positive one, that brings the people around me up when they are down. But it can be hard when people are always down and you become their target because you are there and you are around. I’m not saying I don’t love these people still. But sometimes I want other people who are positive around me too.

I want to be surrounded by new exciting people as well. And in order to do that I must introduce this different me to the world. The one who has been working for years to change herself but not working on improving her social skills. So here we go folks! I am hoping I can keep up at this pace. With the volunteering, the work get togethers, clubs, and all. Maybe things won’t stay this busy. But I feel like this is a start and I am proud of myself.

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