Socially Awkward versus Rude there is a difference!

A lot of the time I talk about my social awkwardness. And generally, how interacting with others can be a challenge for me. However, due to having to keep the company of a certain individual I learned something. Usually, I worry that my social awkwardness may make people think that I am rude or unfriendly, or weird. I worry that these speculations may hinder me. However, I do try to show that I am not mean, or that weird, or unfriendly.  And that I do actually like other people I just have a hard time expressing it all the time because I am never sure how to proceed with social interactions.

However, I learned something from an individual. Like me they  appeared to be very socially awkward. And for that reason I was trying to advocate for them or try to be a little nicer to them. Because it was like we are awkward bros! And what I understand that interactions are hard.

But here is the thing. I would read this individuals actions as socially awkward and difficulty with expression (like me) and this person is not like me. This person was legitimately rude under the ruse of socially awkward. As in when someone is so indifferent to the feelings of other people and are alienated enough that they seem socially awkward. They choose not to interact with other people because they simply don’t want too, rather than it being a case of being socially awkward and having less control over the social situation. When these people are forced to interact with others they are rude.

Me being the epic noodle that I am missed this at the beginning. And was trying to be nice and kind to this individual. And it took several (and I mean several) jabs to realize this person’s true nature. Which makes me think that they now not only think themselves better than me but may be under the very misguided notion that I am in like with them. Which just feels awkward because they are rude and in their own rude way are trying to reject me (which I do take offense to and is not what I wanted to project at ALL).

But to sum it up socially awkward versus just plain rude there IS a difference!





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