Projecting self-love

When I am around those who are positive I need to be positive myself. I  don’t want to be the debby downer. I am not in most social interactions I am involved in because the people in my life aren’t positive. But to attract people who are positive I can’t be the debby downer either. It’s not that I won’t be myself. But I need to stop being so self-deprecating. My whole life self-deprecation was the coping mechanism. But this is a battle I already fought. I don’t think I’m not worth anything. I am worthy of love. And I am beautiful, smart, and funny in my own way. I KNOW this but now I need to project that more to the world so they know that too. So this is the next step. I’ve accepted myself and now I need others to see that too. So they know that I respect myself. Some people they won’t respect me regardless. But if I want to attract the people that I want, then I need to show them who I am now and not who I was before I learned acceptance.

So this is the next step on becoming a happy and healthier me. Projecting my self-love and acceptance to the world!



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