This is my first work outing I have NO idea what to expect

I love my co-workers. Generally, we all get along great! But I have NEVER ever gone to a work outing. I know socially awkward hermit say what now? I know we’ve got so many outings and I always avoid them like the plague. But since I will be working full-time hours for placements next semester I won’t be able to work. And since I am trying to stop being so secluded from the world I chose to do this. As one last homage to my workplace.

But yes! I am finally going to a work party. One thing I know is people at work love to eat. But I think they also like to drink when sanctioned. Most of us are pretty high energy and funny and/or loud and crazy already. SO I feel like we are going to have a hilarious night. So I am a little nervous but also excited to see how this goes.

Wish me luck at the Christmas Party!



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