I was trying to understand why my kitten became so frightful! It’s the Air freshener!

Recently, my dearest polydactyl became incredibly frightful. Scared of everything. Running away from the slightest noise. Stand offish when  he usually plunks by me and just wants to be cuddled. I couldn’t  for the life of me figure out what was scaring him so terribly. And then one day while spraying around the litterbox I found his trigger. It’s Febreze. Well, not only Febreze basically all air freshener that sprays. I think he hates the mist it produces  even though it’s  usually nowhere near him for some instinctual reason. Like when a cat sprays but on a air freshener kind of way. Anywho found the reason so I am thinking of trying out plug-ins. Because I the house shouldn’t have to smell like litter and other cat smells but I also don’t want a traumatized kitty.

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