Even the week from hell had to end…

I know that this definitely isn’t the longest time I have gone without blogging. Not even by a long shot. However, this week I haven’t been blogging since I have had an incredibly hectic and stressful week. The sad thing is I myself was not perpetuating the stress. It was being forced on me by other people which resulted in my stress. I was proud of myself for getting through it like I did though. That isn’t to say I didn’t rant and rave at the people close to me about why my week wasn’t going well and I love them even more for tolerating me being crazy and angry (even though it wasn’t directed at them) and having to listen to me repeat the same story nearly a thousand times. But in the past I think I would have probably just shut-down and giving up instead of pushing through it like I did.

The thing is the week did end. The terrible things are being resolved. I am back at peace with myself and the world again. And that feels nice. The weight of the stress and negativity have finally melted away and I am back to being myself again. In relation to this I will share my view on this. The negativity you feel may not always be coming from you. It can be the negativity of event(s) or another person(s). Just have hope and faith it will end and eventually you can get back to being yourself.

I am feeling much happier and more progressive lately!


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