My Facebook Relationship Status: Is that I am Never on it

I don’t like Facebook (le gasp! I just went there). As in I really don’t like it. That being said Mark Zuckerburg and his wife’s promise to give up 99% of his FB shares for their daughter is the cutest thing I have ever heard! That aside I am not a fan of Facebook. Maybe it is because I am never on it and put 0% effort into it. I know there are people who put a lot of effort into their Facebook pages and friends. And I can see someone taking pride in doing that. Maybe that is why I take much more pride in my blog than my Facebook page. I write about my emotions, feelings, and events that happen in my life here. I don’t do that on Facebook.

I know that it isn’t like this for everyone but to me  Facebook is a superficial platform. Usually, it feels like just a platform to have a “pissing contest” with others out there. I feel like what I am seeing is “look at how hot I am!”, “Look at how  smart I am”, or “Look at how awesome my life is!”. I feel like I like learning these things about people but when  someone’s Facebook is predominately about one aspect of themselves like academic accomplishments or their looks I get bored rather quickly. It’s like these aren’t the only things about yourself and I am sure you wouldn’t introduce yourself to a lay-person by shaking your butt in front of them (you may but that’s not the general convention of a greeting). I don’t think you would meet someone and they would say “I am so proud for being an honour role student”.  Because you would think “this person’s cocky” or t”his person is too absorbed in with their looks”. That would result in a bad first impression of a person.

Again, this isn’t everyone but I find it is a rather common theme on my Facebook news feed. And maybe this is my social ineptitude speaking but since what I see on Facebook is not consistent with what I would probably discuss with this person in real life makes it seem irrelevant or frivolous. I.e. meeting someone you aren’t staring at them from 100 different angles because that is creepy! So why would I go through your pictures on Facebook? This also begs the question why do we act differently online then we do in person? Why should there exist a difference in the first place? Why should I accept this difference like it is normal when I don’t understand it. Why can’t I be the bumblechula I am in real-life on Facebook when all I want to be is myself.

The answer to that is that Facebook is full of people you sorta kind of know and you fear being judged. I think my preferred method of contact with others is through self-expression and being myself. That could be sharing my feelings or emotions, a funny picture, a quote, or something reflective of myself. I feel I can’t do that on Facebook. There are always people going through your page. Judging you and your opinions. This exists in real life too. But on Facebook I feel like you are opening the flood gates for this kind of reaction. This could be my social anxiety and awkwardness talking but I don’t want to set myself up for that either…

That being said you may ask why do I have a Facebook page to start with then? To be honest for employment opportunities (yes, I just went there ). We had the conversation in a class in year 2 and the conversation brought upon a relatively good argument as to why I should get one. However, since then  I haven’t done much. I’ve  changed my profile picture once in three years. I only message people for group projects and one other time since I had no other way to contact the person.

It’s not that Facebook is all bad. It’s not like I scorn people who enjoy it. I am just inept at it and don’t understand it. I feel like my experiences with it are neutral or just not positive. Blogging is my choice of social media I suppose. That being said I don’t have Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, or whatever else is out there.

I guess I am just a social media recluse and unlike my real life hermitude I don’t really feel like changing it.

One thought on “My Facebook Relationship Status: Is that I am Never on it

  1. “I am just inept at it and don’t understand it.”
    I highly doubt that you are that inept or cannot understand it. I think that you dislike Fakebook because you are not shallow enough for it to appeal to you. I bet you even might have called one of your grandparents lately to hear their voice.
    “Usually, it feels like just a platform to have a “pissing contest” with others out there. I feel like what I am seeing is “look at how hot I am!”, “Look at how smart I am”, or “Look at how awesome my life is!”
    Your quote above is exactly what it is about. But Fakebook is a mask; it’s a surrogate; it’s a placebo. You’re can’t be faulted for not engaging in a virtual world as long as you’re engaging the real one 🙂


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