Solomon said “Laughter is the best medicine”

Whoever said laughing is the best medicine (From the Wisdom of Solomon…would have never known that but I looked it up for this post) was right. Laughter can brighten up your day even if it is just for a moment or many longer moments. I feel after I laugh even if it’s just for a little while provides some relief. I think it’s important to take a break from life to have a good laugh. Be it from a blog, youtube video, gif, meme, or whatever it is that puts a smile on your face.

Here are some of the physical and psychological benefits (ripped from

So check these out and have a good laugh today!

Psychological-Cognitive Health Benefits
Relaxation Change Your Facial Expression – Features
Restful Sleep Builds Rapport With Others
Counteract Depressive Features Improves Brain Function
Counteract Anxiety Relieves Stress
Counteract Psychosomatic Problems Releases Negative Feelings and Emotions
Improves Your Cognition Increases Your Social Attraction
Encourages Creativity Amplifies Resiliency
Improves Mood Improves Memory and Alertness
Physical Health Benefits
Eases / Relaxes Muscle Tension Prevents Heart Disease
Reduces Cortisol Lowers Stress Hormones
Increases Lymphocyte Blastogenesis Boosts Immunity
Decreases Physical Pain Receptors Increases Endorphins
Increases Dopamine Improves Respiratory
Increases Oxygen Levels Increases T-cells
Increases Blood Circulation Increases Catecholamines
Reduces Cellular Decay Lower Blood Sugar Levels


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