Your uniqueness makes you special!

I find that I live a relatively regimented life. Same old people. Same old hobbies. Same old blah blah blah. Which is why in my personal life I like to surround myself with others who are different and unique. Even if they are not my friend I can tell when someone is rocking their uniqueness and being proud of who they are and that is awesome! But other times people seem to be embarrassed about what sets them apart from others. But this shouldn’t be the case! Because whatever it is that sets you apart and makes you unique makes you, you. And makes you special. So keep on being your unique self! Someone will love you for it.

2 thoughts on “Your uniqueness makes you special!

  1. Conformity is for drones. Albeit try for conformity at least during your exams. I have found that the unique or special answers I have given while being grilled on math haven’t always cut it. 🙂


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