Exam Rant…about articles

That by fourth year people expect you to be a genius at reading peer-reviewed articles and studies. They think that by reading these higher level education articles that you can derive smarter more informed ideas. That you can  create amazing dissertations and reports about what you have read.

But that isn’t always the case. As in right now. Studying for this class. I realize that the information is so convoluted that there isn’t much I can derive from it. And to formulate my best essays, reports, and forum posts that I have had to derive answers not from these articles. But from good old google.

That is not to say that peer-reviewed studies, dissertations, and articles aren’t a good resource. They just aren’t helpful when you have no idea what you are reading.  Or when the articles have little to no relevance to what you are doing. Which may result in you zoning out leading to not helpfulness.

What the issue is that my professor may not have ensured that these articles are not totally inline with the course concepts for that week. Yes, one sentence may be relative to what we are studying that week. But one sentence does not a good essay make.


3 thoughts on “Exam Rant…about articles

  1. Ya, it’s bullshit. I had to help my kid ascertain a thesis last night in a four page article as part of her examinations. And quite honestly, that article was long on technical jargon and short on point. It was maddening.
    Academia revels in both showboating and lexiconic eruptions, but more like dysfunction. I learned long ago that language is a tool, and I have mastered it, and thus I will use it as I see fit. The crux is being good at it. Most suck. English professors included.

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