I’m not like other people my age because I never let go

Maybe it’s lack of opportunity. Or the fact that I literally almost never leave my house. But I totally don’t let go. I don’t party or club or anything. I never have. Not really even house parties. Concerts are few and far between. I don’t have many friends. And none of them are very social. In fact out of all of us I seem to be faring as the one with the least social anxiety issues. And as contrary as this seem I am probably the most trusting of other people. So I don’t get out much that way. To be honest I don’t even think that would be able to let go if I did go out. Maybe stand awkwardly in a corner and wish I wasn’t there. But I get stressed. And life is tough. And I think that being able to let go of my inhabitations with other young people once in a while isn’t unhealthy. I just need to learn TO LET GO! Let go of stress, let go of my tenseness, and relax for once.

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