Sleep Hurdles

Sleeping has never been easy for me. Sleeping through the entire night is more rare than the more regular occurrence. Which  is me waking up several ties in the night. Sometimes it is mild like a one to three time thing. Sometimes it is a matter of waking every half an hour to an hour, every night, for weeks to months. Right now this is the lovely stage I am. It’s frustrating because my body wants to recharge but my mind seems to rebel for whatever reason. I do have tactics to fall back to sleep so that I don’t become completely exhausted but the tactics sometimes take time to work.

I talked to my doctor about it when I was a teenager. Since, I knew that I had sleep deprivation. He suggested half a Gravol before bed. Something that doesn’t really work for me either.

I’ve tried scent. Though soothing and relaxing this is more of an aid in the initial sleeping process. It doesn’t keep me out though because I still wake up.

It can be frustrating. My life is busy sleep time never predictable and always short. It means that I need to make the best of the time I’ve got but I almost never can. Factor in the fact that this has been happening since I was nine and the fact that I already have fatigue (vitamin D12, B, and melatonin) deficiencies and the fact that I actually can’t sleep and this can make me on tired cookie.

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