I didn’t think I was a perfectionist in the past but I am realizing as I grow older that I am…

Part of my problem is that I am a perfectionist. I always seem to want more. Though I try to be happy with what I have I always seem to be looking at making things better. That the current situation is temporary. I’m not sure if this view is unhealthy in a way. Should I just be happy with what I have? Or will that lead to a state of stagnancy? Should I aim ahead? Keep updated? Or will I loose appreciation for what I have now? For what I have worked for…I always question where is this desire for more coming from?

Maybe it comes from the fact that growing up nothing I did was ever good enough for anyone. I was a disappointment to everyone. Never meeting anyone’s expectations. I never did. Not until I broke away from it all and started doing what I wanted and became successful in what I was passionate about. I made improvements, improvements and accomplishments that I am so very proud of.The-Perfectionists-Guide-to-Results-Lo.jpg

But my eyes always seem to wander. To doing better academically, socially, physically, psychologically. And I must ask myself. Is this healthy? Is this normal for people? To always want more…to always continue forward. To never have enough…I’ve never known what it is to get to a goal and it just be enough. To be done after working for something. Because there is always more I am working towards…and in a way I am perfectionist who always wants more…


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