Please love me for my personality

Because my looks will fade…then what will we have? Only my internal self. So please love me for me. For all of me. Otherwise things will never proceed.

2 thoughts on “Please love me for my personality

  1. I have two daughters and I preached the same thing.
    “Pretty is easy! It just takes cash and/ or time. But it fades. Work on being beautiful, that’s comprehensive, that’s inside and out. it’s beauty that’s important, cause beautiful last forever!” -something like that anyway.


    • I couldn’t agree more. When I think about the time it took to be “prettier” and the time it took for me to get better psychologically I can’t compare the two. Getting “prettier” was loosing a few pounds, buying some clothes, and makeup. Done. Getting better psychologically has been an ongoing process that has effected every aspect of my life. And I am working to make it better. I’d rather have my looks fade any day then the mind and personality I have.


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