This is truly a Sunday…

I think many people define Sunday as that day before Monday. When I was younger Sunday is the day before Monday that you need to catch up with everything you procrastinated to do on Friday and Saturday. To be honest that characterized most of my university experience anyway. This Sunday feels like even more of a Sunday then any other Sunday in my life. It’s worst than that feeling you get on Labour Day before the first day of school. It’s that feeling as though I am walking into a new experience. sunturdayMy academic semesters are over. I had to quit my job for this semester. This is the beginning of work experience. What I have been working to do for the past six years! I feel excited and terrified and I don’t know how I can be happy and anxious like this. It’s such a weird combination. The only thing I can guarantee is that I probably will be restless all night until tomorrow morning starts and I see how this will go.

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