Re-learning to skate…

Today for the first time in six years I went skating. And let me tell you something learning to skate again is NOT like learning to ride a bike again. You don’t just fly and be like “yeah I’s got’s this!”. It takes a few runs around the rink before you get around without falling flat on your butt, or doing a few pin wheels (but this could be my lack of coordination). As someone of the ice and snow I felt a little put-out that my skating abilities had so stupendously eroded. Thus, my resolution for the winter is to hit the ice a few more times so that I can be more adept at it. I want to be a child of the ice and snow again! That isn’t to say I’m ever going skiing again (I have two left feet and am a hazard on skies…to myself, others, and trees). Snowboarding is also a bit of lost cause.

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