Sinus Infection

It was then that I started to observe my symptoms…

The dry eyes that suddenly turned runny.

The unrelenting fatigue despite the sixteen hours of weeks I’d gotten all week.

The three week headache that seemed to be getting worst and longer each day.

The unending congestion and inflammation of my sinuses.

The irritating clogged feeling in my ears and reduced hearing.

The dry and itchy throat that couldn’t be quenched by any liquid.

The feeling of needing to blow my nose but always resulted in an empty tissue

The shift from hot to cold temperatures and never being comfortable.

And the needing to sleep face down to allievate the tension in my face.

Yes this was a sinus infection…and if I was to start the semester without seeming like a completely delirious burnt out fool I would need to book a doctor’s appointment immediately…


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