What to do…what to do?

images1T64ACDCThis semester will be rather intensive. Which means that I will be required to commit full-time hours. Which meant that I needed to make cut backs and change my personal life dynamics to account for the fact that I am now working full-time for school. I know that this will be a good experience. Working full-time to learn the trade I am in school for. However, now I am in a weird situation. Where many of things I used to do or used to take up my time are gone. For example, I am no longer in academic courses, everything is practical now (meaning no more exams or assignments really), I am no longer working (I had my last shift last week), I love singing lessons but since I am not working I will be off of them for the next four months…which means the things that took up my time are no longer taking up time.


For the past year and a half my schedule has been classes 3-4 days a week, studying, homework, and then work for 3-4 times a week. What this means is that basically seven days a week I was at school or work all the time. Even throughout the summer. I know that I am always tired. But being exhausted has made sense. On top of that I do volunteering and from time to time I do mentoring. I know that I am busy it’s just I find that I function better when I am doing things. I need to push myself to do things otherwise I fear not doing things and experiencing life.


Now I am in this situation I find myself feeling a little out of sorts. I want to do more but I am not how I can occupy my time. I have signed up for sessions and lectures (like the nerd I am). I have put books on hold from the library and reading them. I am looking into volunteering opportunities that will accommodate my weird schedule. Some friends have made a list of things for me to watch/read. I think during this time I am going to work on my fitness because I won’t have shifts/work/school to poor over.  But I feel like I can’t find things to do fast enough! My best friend always says that I exhaust her just looking at me but I guess I am just a classic Ares. If I’m not doing something I’m restless like there is an electrical current of energy waiting to shoot out at any time…

Hoping things turn out well and I find things to do?!

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