UGH this is awkward: online dating addition

…So I’m not big on the whole online dating thing…I feel like it’s too appearance based…it’s not because I am not comfortable in my own skin because I am it’s just I feel like when you base a relationship on appearance it may not last long…they can get bored move on to something else. Or they may like you at that weight but if you gain or loose it can be an issue. I’d rather someone love me for my crazy self…That’s partially why online dating scares the living crap out of me…the social anxiety doesn’t exactly help either because I know people judge you on these platforms like crazy. But this year I wanted to make a change…I decided I’d try at least one date on online dating or make a new friend or something. Because I can’t stay inside my own bubble forever. To be honest I’m treating the whole thing as some kind of awkward experience which may go well or may not go well…we shall see…but I will probably end up blogging more about it as this thing keeps going! Be prepared for some painfully awkward posts 😛

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