An awkward first date…

So those of you who follow my blog know that I tried my hand at online dating…I’d say it’s been about a month now. And for the past few days I was talking to  a guy who seemed to hit the right notes. One thing online dating has taught me so far is that I know what kind of person I am looking for to be in a dating relationship with. However, it hasn’t been like I have thought of this as a means to meet someone who I will be dating or anything. It’s just dating and romance are two avenues I never have gone into and as a 22 year old nearly 23 year old I figured that at some point I’d need to delve into the dating world…Anyway for the first time in forever I went on a date. And it was awkward. Not the cute stumbly awkward either.

I think that online dating puts up a wall in which you talk to the person but you have the barrier of time and space to filter out responses. When you are face to face you have neither of those barriers as such things come up. It was awkward and a little painful to go through. I tried my best to be nice and keep the conversation going but it just wasn’t working. In fact, I thought the date going on next to me was more entertaining in retrospect and felt really bad about it. He was a nice guy and maybe we could be friends but I think that we just didn’t click and the conversation just couldn’t flow. I was forcing myself and it was painful to go through.

I think it was good to be optimistic but there isn’t going to be a second date. And from what I have seen of online dating more of my dates may end up this way…but hey even if the online dating thing doesn’t work out for me at all at least I can say that I tried! That I’ve done something I never ever would have done before and at least I got to meet new people!






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