Of Stubborness and Perserverance

One thing about myself is I am constantly working on self improvement. I want to become a better happier healthier me and I am able to see the strides that I have made over the past few years. The funny thing is I think part of it is because I am so stubborn. I don’t let other people’s opinions influence me as much as I used to. No one can tell me what I can or can’t do. Where I will and will not be successful. Because I dictate my own success. In proving it to you we may bash heads a little. You may not like me as much as if I weren’t so stubborn. But my hard headedness is what makes me preserver through the doubts of others and that is what makes me most successful in my life.

I was too stubborn to accept things as they were and so I made changes. Being stubborn can be a bad thing at times but sometimes it’s just what you need.

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