What would I do without my best friend?

So I said that was the situation. He’s playing me. He’s ghosting me. I feel like I just don’t interest him. I knew I was pouting and was acting cutesy to cover up how much it bothered me. That I was just a source of entertainment to him. That he was ashamed of himself and I was the perfect rouse to cover it up. I hated him for it.

“He’s a d*ck” My best friend said. “He’s the kind of guy who is just into cars and bimbo blondes, and is ashamed of who he is. He’s a d*ck and you know that and you will make the right decision. I’m not saying don’t talk to him you guys can be friends and that’s okay… but you know not to take things serious and you know you will get hurt.”

And she was right.  And that’s how I’ve approached things. And I’m okay with it.

Because she’s right he is a d*ck at times. And he does d*ckish things to me and I know better. Maybe it was the way she said things but it steered me in the right direction. Sometimes you know with your female intuition that someone is wrong no matter how much you want to believe that it’s right…And sometimes you can share with someone and have them intervene soon enough to prevent things from getting stickier.


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