It feels like I am waking up from a long sleep

I start a new chapter in 2 days. It feels like now so many doors are opening and I now I am at liberty to look forward to things beyond what I have been. I feel like since I’ve been so invested in making my present situation work and get better that I really haven’t done much beyond that…I haven’t been blogging often at all….and if I do the quota of half-assed posts has increased. I am absolutely tired of typing. I actually hate it a little bit right now…I probably need a few days off of it after tomorrow…I really missed blogging. I really missed a lot of things actually. I am thinking of getting a part-time job again just between now and my registration. I will start volunteering again. You know continue on the path to happiness and self-improvement! But yes this grogginess this inability to keep up with personal hobbies I think it has passed. I am awake after a long winter and am looking forward to end this hibernation and step into spring!

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