I don’t want to be reliable in that way…

I don’t want to be reliable in the way that I am always the one you can count on to be single. I’m kind of tired of it really because it’s not a pattern I am a fan of. This has been the pattern since I was old enough to date. I am not the person who is your first choice. I am the afterthought. You don’t have to be careful about how you treat me because I will always be your friend. That being said you don’t necessarily see me as friend enough to rule out  dating me when you aren’t dating someone you like more than me. I’m reliably single and I am the rebound. But when you express interest I will not reciprocate not because I don’t like being friends with you. But because I am tired of this pattern. If you were interested I know you would have acted ages ago. You never did…It was always after you were done dating someone and things didn’t work out. To be perfectly honest I am tired of being reliable in this way. I wish I could be your first choice or that you could express interest when it actually counted.

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