We like beaching it

Recently, we realized that we like beaching it! Together! Which is awesome because I love to swim but seldom do it. I think the last time before we started going a few weeks ago must have been when I last went on vacation last year! This is coming from the girl who used to swim at least three to four times a week year round (that’s right even in the winter). But at some point my insecurities won out and I stopped swimming. Funnily enough the whole thing started when people started looking at me like I simply shouldn’t wear a swimsuit because my body was awful. Now I look back at that and think that, that wasn’t the greatest reason to stop swimming because I’ve come to learn that there are swimsuits for every-body out there. And there was no reason for me to cut out my favourite method of fitness. Now I don’t have those insecurities naggling at my mind enough to stop me but sometimes I can still be insecure. It doesn’t help that now I am a little too old to do the whole public swimming pool venture.

This leaves me with option! That is beaching it. Beaching it is the single way for me to swim as much as I want in the summer time and live out my mermaid dreams 😛

I was the one who brought it up with this friend. We were catching up. This summer has been blisteringly hot. I mentioned I would love going to the beach but I wasn’t sure if there was anyone I could go with. She said she loved the beach but she hasn’t had someone to go with. I think it just fit for us. So we went! And we keep going and have plans to go.

I think it works out best. We both are working on beaching it together. We don’t mind all the other people there. We assure each other that we are doing alright. And we swim, swim, swim! It’s fun beaching it again! And I’m glad because I missed swimming. I missed the lake air and the outdoors and I am so, so happy that I’ve gotten it back and have someone to do it with!



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