Taking a leap

Today I had a different experience. It’s funny because I was scrutinizing my laziness with my makeup and looks today because I honestly wanted to get in and out of the store fast. Anywho, I ended up having a long conversation with a store employee that made ME look like an idiot noob. To be honest I felt my cheeks heat up and we may have been flirting honestly, I’m not sure because he told me to come back and we’d talk more. I’m not an expert I could be completely wrong and misreading signals but I constantly overthink and squander signals. I feel like it may not be romantic but I’d appreciate even possibly developping an aquaintanceship or I’ll just have a store clerk who ends up giving me good recommendations in future seems to have an encylopedic knowledge. I don’t know maybe I AM wrong it could be the case but I feel like it couldn’t hurt right?

Now I just need to find out how long is too soon to go back šŸ˜

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