Dear childhood bully:

Recently I’ve been seeing a lot of you. I’m thinking maybe you’ve moved out here or that you’ve gotten a job around the mall. That’s fine, I will be moving away in a few months. Anyway, I’ve noticed that whenever I see you it seems like you are staring me down and trying to intimidate me as if to say “Oh really? I know the real you.” but honestly you don’t. You don’t know a thing about me. You never tried, and I am glad that you never did. I get it I was the fat, unattractive girl, with the weird name, buck teeth, a nerd, and a cry-baby. Want to know what I learned though? I’m way more than those labels and I always have been. You think you scare me? Think again! I am a beautiful, smart, kind, and funny. I am accomplished for my age and climbing the ladder and I am confident and optimistic. Want to know something childhood bully? You didn’t break me. Sure I cried back then, I didn’t understand why children could be so mean, or how I could remain the bud of your jokes for nearly 10 years. I was sad, I was hurt, but I wasn’t broken. I picked the pieces of me that were broken and I became the me I wanted to be. I became everything you thought I couldn’t be.

So yeah, you can look at me and stare me down but guess what? I am more than what you made of me. And more than what you can hope to be. Cause you know what childhood bully? Maybe in your niche you are popular, maybe you have friends, maybe you’ve gotten to where you are pushing your way through like you always did. But you lack one major thing: kindness. And that is something you might never gain see where life gets you when you lack that one essential skill.


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